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Circular 15/2012/TT-BVHTTDL on the procedure for issuing copyrights assessors card

The submission requests for the assessor’s card could be sent via post mail or at the office of the Department of Copyright – Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.
Dossiers includes:
– The required declaration form
– Copy of satisfactory test results for professional appraiser or documents of the Council of acceptable for free of professional assessment test
– A copy of the ID card
– 02 photos 3×4 cm
The time for making decision and issuing card is 15 working days after receiving the complete and valid dossiers; in case of refusal, there must be written notification with reasons.
Copyrights assessors card  takes effect from the date of issuance.
This guidance is regulated in Circular 15/2012/TT-BVHTTDL on the assessment of copyright and related rights, taking effect from February 1st 2013 .

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